Why We Should Be Worried about China

It is quite obvious for most people that the United States is no longer the superpower that it once used to be. It has an ailing economy and is saddled by expensive wars and conflicts in different parts of the world. Whether countries would agree or not, the presence of the United States as a superpower is needed by the world. Its weakening is coming at the same time that China is becoming ever more powerful. Will China become the new dominating world power?

The World’s Biggest Economy

Studies indicate that China is set to become the world’s biggest economy 20 to 30 years from now. Today, it is second only to the United States. It has overtaken Japan which has held the number two spot for a long time. This means that soon China will be the dominating power in the world.

China has achieved its economic success by combining communism with its own style of capitalism. It was able to capitalize on the biggest asset that they have, which is the huge amount of manpower that their population which numbers into the billion represents. The cost of labor in China is just a fraction of the cost in Western countries and because of that, they were able to manufacture all kinds of products cheaply. Companies from all over the world saw the potential and they started to have their products made in China as well.

Western companies were able to make profit from the arrangement but the real winner was China. Through the years it was able to build its economy. For years it enjoyed a double digit growth, which is phenomenal. It was soon able to build its own factories and companies. Chinese corporations started to compete with those from the Western world.

Inevitable Takeover in the Future

Perhaps it is inevitable that China should overtake the United States as the leading economic and political powerhouse. Unless Americans could start doing some drastic steps they would be left behind.

Why We Should Worried about China

If we allowed the United States to be the global power, then what’s wrong with giving China the same role? The spotlight would be transferred from one world power to another.

The problem is that China is a communist state and in that state, and in an authoritarian society the freedoms and ideas that we cherish is not encouraged, tolerated and allowed. Their society is one where individual sacrifice for the greater good is encouraged. If the world falls under the influence of such a superpower then our freedom might be challenged.

Then there is the fact that the Chinese people have a natural feeling of superiority. They believe that they are destined to rule the world since their culture is the best since it is older. They look down on people of other nationalities. They are less likely to respect other people’s rights if they feel superior to them.

That’s why having China as a superpower isn’t the best thing that can happen to the world.