The Admirals In The One Piece World

The anime known as One Piece has garnered the attention of plenty of fans in the world. With a very romantic and heart touching storyline and awesome fight scenes, One Piece became one of the most famous anime today. It is set in a dystrophic world filled with islands where Pirates roam the seas and commit crime and perform adventures wherever they go. The Pirates are at war with the Marines, a naval army that patrols the seas which serves as the police of the sea of the entire world. The most powerful ranking individuals in the Marines are known as the Three Admirals. They are the elites of the seas, blessed with the powers of the Devil Fruit that transform the composition of their bodies into living breathing elements of lava, ice and light. If you are a fan of the One Piece anime, and are just starting to admire it, then you will definitely want to take a look at what these Admirals are.

Admiral Kizaru

Kizaru is a marine admiral blessed by Devil Fruit powers that transform him into light. He is a human who has now become an elemental being made of light. He resembles a very tall and medium-built (although some perceive him to be skinny) old man with a short croppy hair and a pair of sunglasses. He is usually seen wearing a white outfit. His powers involve transforming himself into light itself, and moving at incredible speeds to catch up to his opponents and giving them a martial beating. He can also fire powerful laser beams from his fingers and his feet. The laser beams are powerful enough to destroy entire buildings if they get hit.

Admiral Ao Kiji

Admiral Ao Kiji is a marine official that has the Devil Fruit powers of ice. He is basically another elemental human being made of pure ice. He resembles a very tall and skinny old man, with an afro like hair. He seems to be always taking a nap in the first appearances. His powers of ice are very terrifying, as they have the ability to negate the powers of the sea, one of the biggest weaknesses of a Devil Fruit user. If he falls down to the water, he can just freeze a huge portion of the sea, preventing harm. The areas of effect of his freezing powers are so huge that he can even stop a tsunami incident from occurring.

Admiral Akainu

Admiral Akainu is mostly described as a huge square faced person. His facial features are sometimes not seen very clearly as he is always seen wearing a marine cap. His Devil Fruit Powers is the element of lava/magma. In the One Piece world, Admiral Akainuís lava is able to defeat the element of fire, as he is seen killing Fire Fist Ace, the brother of the animeís protagonist. To his enemies, he is a ruthless and merciless individual, killing them without hesitation with the use of his magma powers.