How to Keep Calm in the Crisis and Keep Your Blood from Boiling

In hard times punching a pillow won’t do it anymore, while people see exactly that you are biting your lips as you chat or attempt to retain your friendly persona. Keeping still under pressure is the best you can do but that does not mean you should turn into a volcano that is boiling below, ready to blow your lid at the least expected moments.

The Power of Metaphors

For starters no road rage has ever helped anyone while patience has done wonders for greatest offenders out there. Patience is tested every day or at home when you wish you were allowed your lungs out to be quiet, but can’t because of the curfew. Any tragedy big or small that testes your ability to handle things under pressure so that your ability to stand up to the task in a meaningful way, without unwittingly developing some nasty habits that would cost you your health or life in the longer run, might be seen as simply worth trying out. Forcing yourself to accept your life as is might prove futile if you cannot simply hold on to anything that pours enough satisfaction into every day. The power of the sun teasing your nose or the blade of glass shimmering with beads of early water does not count, though the glimpses of beauty captured with a camera or with your open mind could count towards that. But capturing them only does not mean anything if you cannot manage your life as well as you should, or at least, be able to manage it properly.

Therefore what I suggest is to find yourself a mantra that would work anytime life throws a curveball or count your blessings. As we are an insatiable society, always wanting more and not appreciating what we already have (think your health, living family members and so on), make that count, the day you are awake and you breathe freely, inhale deeply and move on. You could benefit from closing your eyes for a moment and see the reality and yourself more clearly.

No One Goes Crazy So Easily

Even the greatest desperados see those glimpses of beauty wanting them to stay calm. Actually the way you feel determines the way you experience the world, anyone being overly consumed with rage would fail to take notice of anything even remotely reminding him of the time that is left, the ticking clock and other ideas. When the crisis hits you would like to hit back, but you need to accept that the pain won’t just go away and it takes some processing and healing, then, your way is not the only way and finally treat most people the way you would like to be treated, without turning the other cheek.

Finding personal strength is mightily hard but think that you have already reached the age you are now it means you have more than enough to make it further and by constricting your overblown expectations and relying on your people skills you could actually make it.