Homemade Remedies On How To Relieve A Hangover

When youíve had too much to drink the night before and have probably spent your time guzzling alcohol while dancing the night away, expect a king-sized hangover the morning after. Hangovers are the bodyís natural way of preventing you from a harmful overdose of alcohol. Hangovers can be quite a hassle. They are as debilitating as having stomach flu. They impair your ability to be fully functional at work or school the next day. There is a valid reason why parties are meant on weekends and not on weekdays.

Curing a hangover may depend on your preference. Some prefer taking an antiemetic, a medicine that prevents you from vomiting further. While some slowly drink water to restore the fluids lost while drinking. Whatever your preference in relieving a hangover may be, there are always homemade remedies that will aid you in relieving a hangover. These provide relief during your hangover and will gradually get you back on your feet.

Eat Bananas

Bananas contain potassium that helps you restore the lost fluids during a vomiting episode. It gives you the revitalizing energy needed during hangovers and its additional benefits include its high fiber quality which aids in rapidly eliminating alcohol from your body.

Mix Honey And Lemon For A Drink

This also helps restore the fluids you have lost during a hangover. Honey contains enzymes that help absorb the remaining alcohol in your system, thus preventing intense headaches. Lemon prevents you from exacerbating nauseous episodes. Just mix a tablespoon of honey and lemon in a glass of hot water.

Guzzle On Sports Drinks

Gatorade and other sports drinks replenish the body from the fluids lost during a hangover. It also give the body a temporary form of nourishment while the alcohol continuously is still being eliminated from your system.

Ice Compress On Forehead

Place an ice pack over your forehead to promote relief of headaches. If you do not have an ice pack available, just wrap a towel around several ice cubes and place it on your forehead. It also provides a refreshing feeling, promoting a sense of well being.

Drinking Water

When you are able to tolerate drinking fluids without having the urge to vomit, you can opt for drinking water to restore fluids lost. 7-8 glasses a day is an ideal fluid intake. Your hangovers will gradually be relieved and you get to have the benefit of flushing out the remaining alcohol in your system.

Eat Crackers

When you are hungry but you canít control the urge to vomit whenever you eat, opt of crackers instead. They provide you a temporary relief and can prevent hyperacidity. Crackers are also the ideal food when youíd want to have small frequent meals after a hangover.

Eat A Plain Sandwich

They say eating a plain sandwich can help relieve hangovers. They also give your body the temporary nourishment needed while your body is still coping with the high levels of alcohol in your system. Just make sure the sandwich doesnít contain spices that can exacerbate your episodes of nausea.