Common Problems with Employee-Employer Relations

Unless a business is very small, then chances are that it would have an employee. Even if the business only has a single employee, the relationship between the employer and the employee is still vital. There are laws that are meant to regulate that relationship. But even if there are laws that are meant to regulate employee-employer relations, problems can still crop up. Whether you are a business owner or you are an employee, it would help you to know what these common problems are.

Termination of Employment

One of the trickiest areas in employment-employee history would be the termination of employment. Most places recognize the idea of employment-at-will concept. With this idea, the right of the employer to end the service or the employment at any point is recognized as long as the reason for doing so is not illegal. But while the right of the employer is recognized, that of the employee is also protected. There are certain exceptions to the concept of employment-at-will concept. It is important for the employer to understand how this concept is interpreted in a particular area. Terminating the services of an employee should be done in order to avoid any future trouble.

Hour and Wage Issues

Another common and major problem especially to employees would be issues concerning wage and hour. These are the issues concerning the number of hours that they are required to work and the amount of pay that they are bound to receive for their labor. One common mistake that many employers make in this regard, which can cause major problems, would be to follow the minimum wage that has been set by federal law. The problem is that the state that they live in has a different minimum wage that has been set. Another common error made in this area would be to suppose that employees are exempted from the overtime and minimum wage regulations. There are only certain types of jobs that would not be covered by those regulations.

Hiring Issues

Another area where there are normally problems in employer and employee relations would be the hiring process. Businesses are naturally out to hire the best and the most capable employees that they can find, but they should be careful not to show any signs of discrimination when they do so. There are government agencies in place to make sure that there would be no discrimination in the workplace. These agencies include the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and their state equivalents. In the hiring process, employers should document the reasons why they chose a particular candidate over the other. They should have a proof that their decisions are not based on things that are protected by the law. If the rejected applicant can prove later on that he/ she was not hired because of race or religion, then that can cause problems for the employer.

Safety in the Workplace

Employers are required by the law to provide a safe working environment to its employees. They must require all workers to follow safety procedures at the workplace. If there are any dangerous materials being used in the work area then those should be properly documented and workers properly informed about them. Workers should be provided with adequate protection when working. Government agencies can conduct inspections on work areas in order to check for the safety standards there.

Issues with Privacy

The modern world has given rise to some issues in connection with privacy in the work area. There is still an on-going discussion concerning monitoring of phone use, internet, email and social media. There is also the question of physical checks including the searching of belongings. The law sets some limits when it comes to the degree of monitoring that is allowed. Employers can prevent any violation of privacy by informing their employees that searches and checks will be conducted. It is important that the means of security checking enforced by employers would not intrude upon the privacy of the employees.

Leaves of Employees

Another area that causes a lot of confusion to employers and employees alike, would be the issue of family and medical leaves. The problem stems from the fact that there is sometimes a huge difference between the federal law and the state law concerning leaves. The solution to this is for law which has greater rights to the employees to be followed, but that’s not the case all of the time. Many times an employer becomes confused as to which law should be followed.

Problems with Employees

We have enumerated the issues in connection with employer and employee relations. Most of the time, those issues are in connection with the employer being unable to follow what has been specified by the law. Sometimes the issue is with the employee. Here are some of the common issues that companies might encounter with their employees.

Passive- Aggressive Behaviour

This is characterized by not doing the tasks that employees are supposed to accomplish. It could be that they do not want to do the task, they want to do some other task or they are simply upset with others at work. When an employer observes passive aggressive behaviour, the most common reaction would be not to give that employee the same type of responsibility again in the future. They would believe that the worker is incapable of handling things. Instead of exhibiting passive-aggressive behaviour, employees should address issues head-on.

Hiding Behind Communications

The most common demonstration of this type of employee problem would be hiding behind emails. Instead of directly confronting another person, the employee would send off an email, thinking that everything would be resolved this way. The problem is that written communication is not the best way to address an issue. Most employees would lack writing skills necessary to convey the problem properly. In many cases, the written communication can actually make things worse for the workers because it will not resolve the main issue but actually create new ones.

Difficult Time in Accepting That They Are Wrong

No one wants to be wrong at any time, but people make mistakes and that’s part of our life. Many employees are unwilling to accept their mistakes for fear that it will have an impact on their status at work. This can lead to even more problems at the workplace. Employees should learn that they are not expected to be right all the time. Employers expect them to learn even if that means making some mistake from time to time.

Lack of Emotional Competence

Unfortunately, there are many employees who lack emotional competence. It is not enough that an employee should have the skill or the knowledge to do the job. They should also have enough emotional competence, so they can handle interacting with other employees. It is inevitable that they would meet some frustrations at the workplace. They should have enough emotional competence and maturity to handle that. Showing excessive emotions is a sign that an employee lacks emotional competence and that can make things hard for other co-workers.

These are just some of the problems with employees that might cause issues at work. Employers must learn to address these properly so that everyone can work efficiently.