The Admirals In The One Piece World

The anime known as One Piece has garnered the attention of plenty of fans in the world. With a very romantic and heart touching storyline and awesome fight scenes, One Piece became one of the most famous anime today. It is set in a dystrophic world filled with islands where Pirates roam the seas and commit crime and perform adventures wherever they go. The Pirates are at war with the Marines, a naval army that patrols the seas which serves as the police of the sea of the entire world. The most powerful ranking individuals in the Marines are known as the Three Admirals. They are the elites of the seas, blessed with the powers of the Devil Fruit that transform the composition of their bodies into living breathing elements of lava, ice and light. If you are a fan of the One Piece anime, and are just starting to admire it, then you will definitely want to take a look at what these Admirals are.

Admiral Kizaru

Kizaru is a marine admiral blessed by Devil Fruit powers that transform him into light. He is a human who has now become an elemental being made of light. He resembles a very tall and medium-built (although some perceive him to be skinny) old man with a short croppy hair and a pair of sunglasses. He is usually seen wearing a white outfit. His powers involve transforming himself into light itself, and moving at incredible speeds to catch up to his opponents and giving them a martial beating. He can also fire powerful laser beams from his fingers and his feet. The laser beams are powerful enough to destroy entire buildings if they get hit.

Admiral Ao Kiji

Admiral Ao Kiji is a marine official that has the Devil Fruit powers of ice. He is basically another elemental human being made of pure ice. He resembles a very tall and skinny old man, with an afro like hair. He seems to be always taking a nap in the first appearances. His powers of ice are very terrifying, as they have the ability to negate the powers of the sea, one of the biggest weaknesses of a Devil Fruit user. If he falls down to the water, he can just freeze a huge portion of the sea, preventing harm. The areas of effect of his freezing powers are so huge that he can even stop a tsunami incident from occurring.

Admiral Akainu

Admiral Akainu is mostly described as a huge square faced person. His facial features are sometimes not seen very clearly as he is always seen wearing a marine cap. His Devil Fruit Powers is the element of lava/magma. In the One Piece world, Admiral Akainuís lava is able to defeat the element of fire, as he is seen killing Fire Fist Ace, the brother of the animeís protagonist. To his enemies, he is a ruthless and merciless individual, killing them without hesitation with the use of his magma powers.

The Real Truth Regarding Payday Loans

In order to make ends meet, more Americans than ever before are turning to payday loans companies that offer short term loans but which come with high interest and charges. However, delve beneath the sugar coated exterior that these lenders often portray in their advertisements, and you will find an industry that targets the poor, the desperate and in some cases, even the mentally ill.

Convenience Or Hindrance?

Most payday loans companies present themselves through advertising as a quick and convenient way for people to cover the cost of unexpected bills or emergencies. Yet a very revealing report from, states that it is more common for users of payday loans to use the money to pay for everyday expenses, such as grocery shopping and fuel bills.

The Workings Of A Payday Loan

One of the reasons why people rely on these short term loans is that they need money fast, and they think that there is no other way to get their hands on the money, short of turning to crime. For that reason, most of these instant cash lenders tend to target the needy and the vulnerable, especially those people living in poorer inner city areas, as these are areas that are less likely to be served by the mainstream banks. Also, they know it is people living in these kinds of areas that are going to be in most need of short term loans.

What The Lender Expects In Return For The Money

Many payday loans companies advertise their loans as being free of any credit checks, and that is one of the major factors in why people decide to make use of them. However, as easy as it is to acquire one of these short term loans, there are a few things you need to understand about the whole loan process.

  1. The lender will expect you to prove that you are in employment, and this will typically consist of your employer details, as well as letting them see a bank statement.
  2. They will insist on either a pre-dated check for the full amount, which is the amount of money you are borrowing, plus interest and fees that will be charged.
  3. If you are applying for a loan through an online payday loans company, then they will want your bank account details, as well as your debit card details, in order to take their payment.
  4. As these loans are only for a few weeks, unlike other loans where you can pay a bit back each month, you will be expected to pay the full amount, plus interest and charges in full on the due date.
  5. If you feel you will not be able to meet the repayment date, you can ask for an extension, however, fees will be charged, and some companies may even expect you to pay off a percentage of the debt first.

Falling Into The Debt Trap

Consumer experts have, for a long time, stressed the importance of not falling into what has become known as the debt trap. The debt trap is when you take out a loan, only to find that the repayments use all of your disposable income, meaning you have to take out yet another loan in order to see you through to your next payday.

Payday Loan Companies Are Opening The Trap Door

All forms of borrowing come with inherent risks, but unfortunately, one of the main reasons why people end up in the debt trap is through short term payday loans, and they do this on purpose. Most of the major banks weigh up the risks of lending money to a person, and if that person’s credit rating does not match up to the requirements, no loan will be offered. Payday lenders do not take that approach, and in fact their business plan is to target people that they know will have problems paying the loans back. They bait the trap with promises of a credit check free application and good rates of acceptance, however, the interest and fees on the loan can be so high, that the borrower either asks for more time to pay (incurring more fees) or else they have to take on another loan. The repayments on a simple loan of say $200 can quickly put a borrower in a position where they are paying back almost twice that amount when interest and fees are added.

Incurring Payment Extension Fees

When a borrower discovers that their finances will not allow them to pay back the full amount by the due date, they can ask for a payment extension, however, this is typically incurs a pretty hefty fee, by the time that they eventually pay the loan back, they will be in such financial difficulties, that they will have to take out additional payday loans. That is when they will have been caught in the debt trap, either paying payment extension fees on their initial loan, or by having to take out another loan because their bank account has been cleared out by the repayments of the initial loan.

Misleading Their Customers

Many companies offering fast payday loans often try to mislead their clients by advertising their fees and interest charges in dollars instead of the normal Annual Percentage Rate (APR). At first look, a fee of $50 on a loan totaling $500 for a loan period of two weeks, does not sound too bad, however, it is only when you study it more closely that you will realize that the APR would be over 250% higher than you would expect to pay on a bank loan or credit card. It is at that moment, when you should realize that applying for a payday loan is a very bad idea indeed, and although they can look tempting, especially if you are struggling with your bills, at the end of the day, you are just adding another bill to the pile. It is much better to try and find alternative to payday loans.

How You Can Avoid The Payday Loan Debt Trap

There is no disputing that at this moment in time, money is tight for a lot of low and middle income families right now, and it may be tempting to contact a lender who can offer you a short term loan to cover your bills. However, as tempting as this is, there should be no doubt in your mind that contacting a payday loans company, should really be your last refuge. Try to find ways that you can save money, by cutting down on things you do not need, you will be surprised by just how much money you can save each month. Walking to the local store and buying only what you need is going to save you money on your groceries as well as fuel money by not driving out to the supermarket.

Friends And Family Can Help Too

Sometimes, in a real financial emergency, it is not uncommon for friends and family to offer to help you financially, however, there may be times when they do not realize how difficult your financial situation has become, and you may need to ask them to help you out. Unfortunately, a lot of people would rather go to a payday lender than to a family member or close friend for help, and then ironically end up asking them for help to get out of the debt trap.

Try And Put Money Away For Emergencies

That may seem like a mad idea, putting money aside when you are struggling to pay your bills, however, if you manage to cut down on the things you do not need, as well as managing to adjust your outgoings to meet your income, then you may find that you have a bit of spare money at the end of each month. By putting that spare cash (no matter how small it is) into a savings account, you will soon start to see an amount of money that you can fall back on when you really need it in an emergency.

In Conclusion

Payday loan companies will try to entice you, with promises of easy and instant cash, no credit checks, as well as presenting themselves as the solution to your current financial problems.

If you find your financial situation becoming a problem, do not rush out and commit yourself to a payday lender. Take your time and work out the best alternatives to the problem, such as cutting back on luxuries and other things you do not need. If you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, then try to quit, or at least cut down on the frequency, as these are two of the most expensive items people spend their money on.

Do what you can in order to avoid getting a payday loan in the first place, that way you can avoid falling into the debt trap of borrowing money to cover the payments you had to make on the initial payday loan, which may cause you to default and damage your credit rating even further.

Keeping Cool 3 Ways To Beat The Summer Heat

With summer just around the corner, temperatures will soon be soaring to new levels and this will leave a lot of people in distress. A normal body temperature runs below 98 degrees Fahrenheit and with global warming looming among everyone, our bodies will be subjected to higher temperatures which will make our systems go into overdrive. Here are some ways you can keep cool so that you avoid getting into heat stroke and other illnesses that come along with the change in weather.

Drink Water Throughout The Day

One of the most overlooked things that people forget to do under the scorching sun is to always drink water. When you sweat, your body loses nutrients and electrolytes needed in order for your system to perform in optimal levels. This can leave your body feeling parched and you will be feeling under the clouds. You might be getting headache spells, your legs will be cramped, your intestinal system might also be affected. You may also feel light headedness and experience blurred vision. The best thing you can do on a daily basis is to bring a water bottle with you wherever you go and especially if you will be out in the field. Fill this container up with water or even a sports drink and constantly take a sip of water at least twice an hour. This will help your body replace the liquids you will lose when you sweat or use the bathroom.

Indulge In Summer Fruits

This summer is a perfect time to get you reacquainted with fruits of the season. There should be a wide variety of choices in fruits in your market. Take the time to experiment and to try out fruits especially fibrous and citrusy ones as these are perfect for the summer heat. Cut up a few fruits when you are not busy and just munch on the fruits while reading a book or enjoying the summer heat. You can also blend in some fruits and make a shake for the kids or some guests as well. This is a lovely time to enjoy and bond with your family all while basking in the summer sunshine.

Set Up A Pool Party Or At The Community Pool

In this sweltering heat, frequenting your local pool club or setting up a pool in the backyard will help you keep cool. Use this opportunity to meet new friends, mingle, and reconnect with lost friends as well. If the community pool is out the way from where you live, there are several pools that you can buy from the market or you can invest in a pool set up by calling a pool contractor to install one in your yard. This may set you back a couple thousand from your bank account but you can be sure that this will pay itself back when you and your family delight in having your own pool to frolic and find amusement for years to come.

Make sure that you and your family stay hydrated when summer rolls around by doing one or all of these tricks and you will never have to worry about heat strokes no matter what season it may be.