Simple Home Makeover Ideas

The look of your home should be a direct reflection of your own personality. It should reflect your personality and the things that you like. That’s why a home makeover is important. Think of it as an update on how your home looks, so it would reflect who you are in a better way. A home makeover is also important so that we can do the maintenance tasks that are needed in your place.

There are many home makeover ideas that you can try. Some are simple enough that you can do them on your own, but others are more complicated that you would need the help of professionals to make it. To help you out, here are a few home makeover ideas that you can do.

Buy from Vintage Stores

If what you are after is to redecorate a room in your house and give it a completely new look, then you might need a huge budget for that. But if you are willing to be more creative and explore some more, then you need not spend a great deal of money. What you can do is to start shopping at vintage stores. You can buy excellent furniture from there and also find some unique pieces for decoration. It is not likely that you can find pieces that you can pick up in the regular furniture and décor stores there. Another advantage is that the prices of the pieces there are not that expensive.

Old pieces that you can find at a vintage store would have more character than new ones that you can buy at regular furniture stores.

Updating Your Furniture

If you have a limited budget but you are aiming on updating your furniture, then you have several options. You don’t have to buy new furniture in order to get an updated look. You just have to be smart on how you go about it. You can get a new slip cover for your sofa for example, new cushions and a new coat of paint on wooden furnishings. All those simple moves would give a totally new look to your furnishings and you need not spend a great deal. You can even do it on your own.

Have an Accent Wall

Are you bored with how your room looks? The good news is that you need not turn your room upside down in order to achieve a completely new look. You do not have to repaint the whole room too if that’s what you want. Repainting the whole room can be very expensive and in the long run you would just get bored with the new color.

Instead of repainting the whole room, you can just try to have an accent wall instead. Pick a single wall in that room and then paint it with some color that would stand out from the rest. Be sure to pick colors that would fit with the existing décor there. You should also consider the effects that different colors have, like how blue can be relaxing and how orange can be energizing.

Get More Space

Is the lack of space a problem for you ? You might think that the solution to that would be expensive. The common solution to that sort of problem would be to knock out a few walls to create some new space. You can breathe a sigh of relief now. You can achieve the same effect that you want without having to do some drastic renovation.

You can trick the mind into believing that your house has more room by using mirrors. Large mirrors will create the illusion that the room where they are placed is larger than it really is. You have to place the mirrors strategically to create that effect.

Creative Shelving

Do you want to do something in your home that would serve a dual purpose? Then you can try to be creative with your shelving. Smartly laid out shelving can serve as a great décor for your home and also maximize the amount of storage that you can have. Small shelves can save a great deal of space. Perhaps the best thing about well-thought out shelving would be the way that it can maximize the space that you have.

Enhance Your Lighting

One thing that is often neglected by many homeowners would be the lighting in their homes. The right kind of lighting can achieve certain effects which you should not ignore. Lighting can benefit both the exterior and the interior of your place. Placing a few lamps inside your home can add dimension to your rooms. You should play around with different light sources and angles until you hit on the right level of lighting that you want to achieve. Light dimmers can also achieve some excellent effect.

Go Natural

Don’t suppose that all the makeover ideas that you can try would involve painting or buying new stuff. You can try something simpler and more down to earth. You can try placing indoor plants inside your house. These plants would give a more natural look to your home interior. The natural green color of the leaves would be so relaxing to the eyes. There are some indoor plants that have the refreshing effect of the air inside your house. Not only will your home interior look green, it would also be fresher and smell better that way.

Go for Some Subtle Scent

Do you want your house to have something unique that others wouldn’t be able to pinpoint right away? If that’s the case, then you should try placing some subtle scent inside. You can achieve that through many ways. There are many air fresheners that are available, but you should try to be more natural. You can try placing some natural scent like citronella or lavender inside and people will find it so refreshing.

Extra Seats

One great way of putting in some decoration to some room would be to
add some neat looking seat there. The advantage of that is the seats will serve a purpose. People can actually use it when the regular seats in your place are no longer available. You can place those seats anywhere in your place. You should try to find some exotic looking seat that can serve as a décor.

Don’t Leave it Empty

Do you feel that there’s something missing in one of your rooms? It might be that blank wall that’s staring right back at you. Why should leave one wall empty when you are stuffing the other walls with decors? Think of something unique that you can place there.

One great way of filling up an empty wall would be to fill it with pictures and frames. You should try to find a theme on all the pictures or photos that you will place there. The best thing to do would be to use the same sort of frame for all of them. That would really give that blank wall a new look.

These are just some of the ideas that you can try when it comes to home makeover today. Not all of these ideas would work for you but you should go through them and pick one that you think might be okay.

Home Inspection Tips on Where to Search for Asbestos

With the growing concern on our health, more and more people are becoming aware of what problems asbestos can bring to the human health. However, the modernization of our houses has seen asbestos finding to go down significantly. People are now well-informed about the negative effects of asbestos on our physical well-being. Home inspections are necessary in order to ensure that there are none inside the house. This is still vital to ensure the safety of the residents in every building. As an inspector, it is your duty to check if there are any that is present inside the house. Your honest finding will make a big difference on the lives of the people.

A Diligent Search

Checking the house for asbestos can be quite tricky as some companies still use it for construction purposes. This does not mean though that they are all health-hazard inside an establishment. In fact, there are some findings that do not go beyond the asbestos level. Inspectors in the United States usually consume hours examining a house in search of older construction materials that may still contain asbestos. Most of these materials are those that are dated back in the 1980s when asbestos was commonly used by all construction companies.

Good inspectors know where to look for asbestos inside the house. In most cases, you will find them on common places. Here are some examples on where to look for asbestos when doing an inspection.

  • Roof Shingles – back in the 1980s, asbestos is a common ingredient for a roofing system. Most houses in the US have been using it for a long period of time due to the fact that it is less expensive as compared to shingles.
  • Paint – asbestos is an ingredient in the 80s paints. In case your house has been built during those years, expect to find some on the paints inside the establishment.
  • Cement – houses back in the old days actually have asbestos in all its parts as it is a common ingredient of cement. This is the reason why some houses are torn down because they contain harmful stuff such as asbestos all over them.

Despite the asbestos findings, there are still some things to consider such as whether these are “friable” or “non-friable”. The latter does not pose the same health threat as the former as they are not dangerous. There are many things in and on your house that contains “non-friable” asbestos. As an inspector, you have to label these as safe as they do not cause any harmful effects to the human body.

As a homeowner, finding a good home inspection company should be among your concern. Keeping your house safe and asbestos-free should be included on your list of priorities. There are some companies that provide highly trained and well experienced inspectors to search for asbestos inside your house. You can rest assured that their information and recommendation will benefit you and your family in the long run. Definitely, you need their services to have the peace of mind that everyone is safe in living inside the home that you cherish.

Cleaning Your Carpets after a Party

Everybody loves to watch the Super Bowl as it is the most exciting television program in the United States of America. In addition, it is also among the most watched TV program due to the excitement it brings. Friends come over to watch with you with some foods and drinks to share with each and everyone present during the special event. Having something to chow down and drink while watching the Super Bowl on your big screen is more fun than just watching the show. While having fun though, there are some things that will most likely be overlooked. Among these are the food stains that are left on the upholstery and carpet.

Stains Are Worrisome

During the game, there will be moments where all of you will get emotional while cheering for your team. In most cases, food and drinks are thrown and spilled all over the place. Cleaning will not be among your concerns during the game as you want to focus on the big screen especially on the thrilling moments where your team is facing defeat. These will definitely leave stains afterwards especially if you do not address them with the right cleaning procedure on your carpets.

As the host of the exciting event, expect food stain on your carpets and upholsteries. You can also sometimes see stains on your furniture outside the room where you watch the Super Bowl as some of your friends wander around the house during the game. Cleaning the carpets can be quite a hassle especially for those who do not know the right procedure. The problem of cleaning your carpets starts after the game is over.

Cleaning Is Not Easy

Carpet cleaning can be tedious as you need several tools to make sure that you get rid of the food stains. Picking the right cleansers is also critical to your success as some products do not actually have the strength to eliminate some types of food stains. Knowing the type of food stains on your carpet is also beneficial to your efficacy when cleaning. Inspect your carpet and upholstery for the type of stain before you visit the store to purchase the cleansers. This will give you the information that you need to get the right products that will get rid of the blemishes.

Hire the Best Cleaner

In case you are among those who have the budget to hire experts to do the cleaning task, perhaps you might want to check out several carpet cleaning companies in your area. You can find them on the Web or on your local directory. You can always contact them and secure more details regarding their cleaning services. The company that offers quality services to their clients which include carpet cleaning at its best should be your best pick. Expect a stain-free carpet once you get the cleaning job done from the reliable carpet cleaning firm.

Cleaning your carpet prevents any type of diseases to start inside your house. In addition, it also offers a more presentable carpet that provides comfort for the family. Food stains are among the common spoilers after a party like the Super Bowl. However, with a qualified carpet cleaning firm, you can forget all the worries of cleaning your carpets and upholsteries.