Becoming Famous These Days

“Famous for being famous.” You have probably heard of the line before and it illustrates the status of some celebrities that we have today, more than any other term. We are referring to the reality TV stars and the viral video celebrities who have become famous for simply being themselves.

You can complain all that you want but these people are raking in the money and living the life. You can malign and say bad things about them, but the fact is that they didn’t become famous on their own. Others have elevated them to celebrity status. People chose to watch and read about their lives. In short, if you want to look for someone to blame as to why they’re famous, then you can pick on the whole society.

Reality TV Shows

A great number of these modern day celebrities comes from the reality TV shows of which there are so many right now. These shows follow the lives of “ordinary” people doing ordinary things. These TV shows are being presented as having no script or storyline. It’s just life as it happens.

There are so many types of these reality shows today. They range from shows about people partying to contests of people stranded on some remote part of the globe. The only common denominator about these shows is the fact that they are producing a new breed of celebrities.

Here are some of the more popular reality TV shows today:

    • The Real Housewives
    • Jersey Shore
    • Making the Band
    • Pawn Stars
    • Toddlers & Tiaras

Celebrities in the Past

There was a time when Charlie Chaplin was considered to be the most famous person on the planet. That was when his silent movies started sweeping the world. He became famous for being a great comedian. When Elvis Presley came out, he was considered phenomenal and despite his problems he still made good music. Those two and others like them became famous for doing something great, which everyone can admire. These days however becoming famous is a lot easier and it doesn’t require any special skill or talent.

Going Viral on the Web

Aside from the reality TV stars, there is another variety of modern day celebrities whose fame is confounding to a lot of people. These are the viral video stars. These are the people who became famous because of some short video that they shot which somehow tickled a lot of people which made it go viral.

Some of these celebrities have absolutely no talent or skill that would have set them apart. Sometimes the video itself is only funny or remarkable because it’s so stupid. The star power of these famous don’t last long however. But they try to milk it as much as they can and because one can make money out of it, people are aiming to create viral videos of their own.

Becoming Famous These Days

To become famous and become a celebrity today is different from what it was in the past. Back then, it required talent, skill and charisma. Now, all that it takes is a digital camera, internet access, a silly idea for a video and you’ve got the formula for fame.